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True stories about starting from scratch.

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Working For the Weekend


Stories about jobs from our June 2014 show:

Untitled-1Amanda Khun with Much Ado About Mr. Inge

Mark Brunson with I’ve Had It Up To Here With These Mother Effing Snakes

Seth Casana with Checker Flag Parking

Jay Anderson with ….and the Whipped Cream

DD Lecky with The Tale Of Two Turds

Tom Sellers with That’s My Brand

Michael Lewis with Everyone’s Valuable



Stuck in the Middle


Stories about middle school for our fourth anniversary show in April:

Les Schaffer with Don’t Step On My Thom McAn’s

Seth Casana with Not Just For Rats

Zach Santulli with Falling Into the Trap

Tad Edmonds with No More Latin

Jay Anderson with The Gold Cross Pen

JoEllen Santulli with Modern Day Utopia

Michael Lewis with Lying Dobermans


Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Part II


More stories from our March show about cars:

Michael Lewis with Something Bigger

Emily Kuper with I’m Invincible

JoEllen Lesher with Stranded In the Wild Wild East

Mark Brunson with Breakdowns Are Wonderful Things

Steve Watkins with Who Needs Gas When You’re on Acid?


Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Part I


True stories about cars from our March show. A show so packed with awesome stories we couldn’t fit it all in one podcast.

Jay Anderson with Where the Tire Meets the Ice

Maura Wilson with Angry And Scared

Collette Caprara with Fast With the Wheel, Slow with the Brake

Judith Onesty with Thirty Days to Manilla

James Wilson with High Speed Get Away 

+more from the podcast archive