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Who is Tell? « Tell Fredericksburg

Who is Tell?

Maura Wilson Schneider – Creator and Director

Driven by love of story, community, and Fredericksburg, Maura created Tell in 2010 with the support of several wonderful friends. She is a teacher, yoga instructor, baker, lapsed community organizer, and a gifted toddler wrangler.

Stephen Graham – Design and Media Director

Stephen has been a part of Tell since the beginning. He created and maintains the website, designs our monthly posters, and photographs the shows. He is a graphic and web designer, photographer, member of the Fredericksburg Arts Council and half of the team behind Whurk, Fredericksburg’s Cultural Review.

Zach Santulli – Podcast Producer

Zach has been an integral part of Tell since he first took the stage in 2011. In 2012, he began hosting and producing the monthly audio show. Zach’s also an elementary school music teacher, a member of Elby Brass, and an outdoorsy outdoorsman.