By Keith Colwell

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Page 67 Drill #51: Harassment Drill Objective: To teach the receiver to make the catch, even while he is being bumped and harassed by defensive players. Description: The receiver catches soft 10-yard passes while he is being pushed from behind by a defensive player. Coaching Point: This drill can be made even more difficult by placing another defensive player in front of the receiver and having that player hold his arms up in front of the receiver as the ball is passed. This defensive player should be five yards ahead of the receiver.

Description: The receiver takes his stance and performs 10 five-yard starts at half his normal speed. Players should build up from 50% speed to 80% speed. Page 16 Drill #5: Start/Stop Drill Objective: To provide an effective warm-up and teach the fundamentals of agility, foot quickness, and reactions. Description: The receiver runs sideline cuts at five-yard intervals to the right, to the left, back to the right, etc. The procedure should then be reversed, with the receiver coming back to the starting position.

This drill can involve the receiver actually diving for the ball. Page 92 Drill #74: Stretch Drill Objective: To develop the skill of stretching out to make the reception on an overthrown pass. Description: The receiver will run flag, post, out and short patterns at full speed. The passer should overthrow the passes a little, and the receiver will attempt to catch the ball by stretching as far as possible. This drill can be started with the receiver jogging slowly in place as the passer repeats throwing the ball a little too far out of the receiver's reach.

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