By Hans-Jurgen Dopp


Since The Turkish bathtub (1863) through the French painter Ingres, the some distance japanese girl has to many been an emblem of pleasures out of achieve or forbidden. Seafaring explorers, army adventurers and straightforward guests from Europe over the centuries have all been enthralled via the unique nature of the oriental lady, her foreignness accentuated through the mild pallor of her dermis. hence arose the parable that she, of all ladies, was once in ownership of the information of convinced refi ned pleasures.

Historically, within the traditions of either China and Japan, girls were required to reply not less than acquiescently to men’s wants. It used to be a part of their upbringing, fairly diversified from the ethical taboos decreed at the topic by way of our Western civilization.

This booklet - richly illustrated with vibrant chinese language and eastern prints and ivory carvings, a few of huge antiquity - therefore fi guratively contains an Oriental hymn to carnal pleasures and to the sport of Love.

In a full of life and accomplished textual content, Professor Hans-Jiirgen Dopp unearths the traditional ideas that govern relationships among women and men within the a ways East - whereas no longer ignoring the significance of Love.

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Forbidden Asia

  because the Turkish bathtub (1863) through the French painter Ingres, the a ways jap lady has to many been an emblem of pleasures out of succeed in or forbidden. Seafaring explorers, army adventurers and straightforward travelers from Europe over the centuries have all been enthralled by way of the unique nature of the oriental girl, her foreignness accentuated through the light pallor of her epidermis.

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5 x 22 cm 52 53 peace in the heart and strength of the will. The person feels neither sated nor hungry, he is neither hot nor cold; the body is satisfied and the spirit likewise. Energy ebbs and flows majestically, and no desire troubles this harmony. This is the result of a wellaccomplished union. 1 cm 54 55 women will achieve full pleasure and men will always remain healthy,’ answered Sunu. All of these manuals advocate making love as often as possible and even at an advanced age, ‘Whatever his age, man would not be happy living without a woman.

Mural displayed in sections 34 35 By doing this, a subtle alchemy is achieved: the man receives Yin from the woman, who obtains from him the pure essence of Yang. For this reason, coitus reservatus is considered in Taoism and Tantrism to be the most subtle form of sexual union, because it allows the crossing of the divide between masculine Mural displayed in sections 36 37 and feminine energy. The creation of a new life is not the principal aim of the sexual act. It is more to do with an identification with cosmic forces than with the forces of life.

Those who are skilled in pleasure are like good cooks who know which five spices to add to a soup. Mural displayed in sections 48 49 Those who understand the art of Yin and Yang can unite the five modes of pleasure; those who do not know this die before reaching the age of maturity and without having had the slightest pleasure from sex. ’ ‘For man, sex makes his energies surge – for woman, it serves as protection against sickness. Those who do not know the right path think that the sexual act can be harmful to health.

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