By James A. Jolley

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Run pipe through centre and connect to birdbath. Dramatic Fantasy Tire Boat Materials Tires –Truck or Larger Auto (depending on space) 3/8” x 2½” Standard Bolts 3/8” Nuts 3/8” x 3” Washers 1 – Long Post 1 – Old Steering wheel 1 – 3/8” x 4” Lag Bolt Tools Same as Tire Cubes Shovel Note 1. Attach wheel to post with lag bolt (if metal post used then weld bold) and attach when so that it turns freely. 2. Ropes can be attached to post down to tires to give a feel for the boat. 3. Net can also be attached form front upper deck to floor or to outside.

Step 1 Cut tire leave rim and some sidewall to bolt the chain and enough of the tread to have seat and back turn inside out Step2 Assemble according to 1 and 2. Note Chain length is according to height of swing frame. Tire Chain Washer Nut Washer Washer Carriage Bolt Variation: Leg holes can of seat for young children. ) Children tend to create this pretty much on their own but it never hurts to have materials and give suggestions … Variation: Double Note For this work the last “loop” must be able to slip over the end of the support “limb”.

Notes 1. Cut approx. ¼” of one tire segment – use hacksaw to cut cable bead on inside or rim – use knife to cut tire. Portion of tire to be removed 2. Dig trench approx. 45 cm deep and 1 meter long. 3. Place uncut tire over trench as per drawing. 4. Place uncut tire through hole and in trench. Cut tire Uncut tire 5. Fill with soil. Climbing Tire ‘Mountain Climber’ Materials 3 – 5” diameter Pole x 12’ 6 – 3/8” x 3” lag Bolts 25’ long, ¼” proof Coil-Chain 25 – various size large Tires Tools Shovel, 9/16”spanner Notes 1.

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