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The e-book is rare in having a really huge variety of solved difficulties. Frankly, if I have been to educate from the booklet, i would wish to see extra chance for college students to determine easy methods to clear up actual difficulties given in simple terms the speculation. this is often strong for student's destiny talents and as suggestions on how good i am educating. The ebook is simple to learn and comprehend for somebody with no robust background--easy for me to claim and that i wish real for genuine scholars. The solved difficulties may be important to anyone who's with no an teacher, having difficulty, or now not recollects the way to remedy an issue. utilizing SI devices is a combined blessing (in the U.S.) at it minimizes turning difficulties into devices conversion workouts however it offers no perform during this crucial ability.

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2. DEFINITION OF THERMODYNAMICS Thermodynamics may be defined as follows : l Thermodynamics is an axiomatic science which deals with the relations among heat, work and properties of system which are in equilibrium. It describes state and changes in state of physical systems. Or Thermodynamics is the science of the regularities governing processes of energy conversion. Or Thermodynamics is the science that deals with the interaction between energy and material systems. Thermodynamics, basically entails four laws or axioms known as Zeroth, First, Second and Third law of thermodynamics.

The thermometers employed in the laboratory have the scale engraved directly on the glass stem. A usual type of mercury-in-glass thermometer is shown in Fig. 8. An expansion bulb is usually provided at the top of the stem to allow room for expansion of mercury, in case the thermometer is subjected to temperature above its range. The upper limit for mercury-in-glass thermometers is about 600°C. , nitrogen is introduced above the mercury to prevent boiling. Fig. 8. Mercury-in-glass Pentane, ethyl alcohol and toluene are the other liquids which thermometer.

The approach considers that the system is made up of a very large number of discrete particles known as molecules. These molecules have different velocities and energies. The values of these energies are constantly changing with time. This approach to thermodynamics which is concerned directly with the structure of the matter is known as statistical thermodynamics. 2. The analysis of macroscopic system requires simple mathematical formulae. The behaviour of the system is found by using statistical methods as the number of molecules is very large.

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