By Aimee Carpenter

В книге представлены 12 различных стилей с использованием кристаллов и разных компонентов, 15 проектов с помощью которых читатели научатся, как сделать кольца, подвески, серьги, браслеты, и бусы.

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DREDGE, TANGLE, AND TRAWL FISHING .. 73 A New Spor t, 73; The Tangle, 75; The Trawl, 75; How to Make a Bake-Pan Dredge, 76; A Tin-Pail Dredge, 76; How to Make a Broomstick Tangle, 77; The Old Chain Tangle, 77; Hints and Suggestions to Amateurs, 77; The Use of the Tangle, 79. CHAPTER XII. HOME-MADE BOATS .. 80 Bir th of the “Man-Friday” Catamaran—The Crusoe Raft, 80; The Crusoe Raft, 82; The Scow, 84; A Floating Camp, or the Boy’s Own Flat-Boat, 87; The Yan- kee Pine, 93. CHAPTER XIII. HOW TO RIG AND SAIL SMALL BOATS ..

The Moving Star is a paper lantern attached to the tail of any large kite. A Chinese lantern will answer this purpose, although it is generally so long and narrow that the motion of the kite is apt to set fire to it. To make a more suitable lantern, take a circular piece of light board five inches in diameter, drive three nails in the centre just far enough apart to allow a candle to fit between them firmly. Make of rattan or wire a light hoop of the same diameter as the bottom-piece; fasten these to a strap or handle of wood, or wire, as shown in the diagram (Fig.

Fig. " Toy Boats for Fishing. Trolling, by means of rudely made toy boats, is a sport the novelty of which will certainly recommend itself. The boat can be made out of a piece of plank any where from a foot to two and one-half feet long, according to the size of the fish to be caught. Sharpen the plank at one end and rig it with one or two masts and sails of paper or cloth. The rudder must be very long in proportion to the size of the boat, to prevent its making lee way and to keep it on a straight course.

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