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And the individual values are used for the calculation of the mean range of all k number of samples: R= 1 k k ∑R . 11) i =1 The range is a less effective estimate in comparison with the standard deviation but is easier in terms of calculation. 5. 5. Calculation of the control limits for x / S control chart Control limits Type of card x R According to test data According to standardization requirements Ku = x + A2 ⋅ R Ku = Tu − A6 (T / 2) Kl = x − A2 ⋅ R Kl = Tl + A6 (T / 2) Ku = D4 ⋅ R Ku = D2 ⋅ S0 Kl = D3 ⋅ R Kl = D1 ⋅ S0 Comment In combination with R-chart When n ≤ 6 Kl = 0 42 • TEXTILE PROCESSES Very often, with time the mean value changes under the influence of a certain factor, for example, the wearing out of the card-clothing wire leads to an increase in the number of neps in the card sliver.

435 = 42 spindles. 363 = 35 spindles. 151 = 14 spindles. 047 = 4 spindles. 0087 = 1 spindle. There are other types of distributions that are used in textile production such as the Weibull and Gamma distributions, but the ones presented above are the most widely used. 3. STATISTICAL ESTIMATES The definition of the numerical characteristics of the law, or respectively of the distribution function of a population of observed data, is called statistical estimation and the resulting numerical values are statistical estimates.

2. The number of class intervals should fall within 6 ≤ k ≤ 25. 21 22 • TEXTILE PROCESSES 3. 1) where n is the number of measurements. x − xmin . 4. The width of the interval is b = max k It is recommended to round off the value of the interval width in order to facilitate calculations, if they are done manually, or the perception thereof as a whole. 14, it is preferable to operate with a class interval width of b = 2. In this case the limits of the class intervals will be 0–2, 2–4, 4–6, and so on.

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