By Cyrano de Bergerac

El otro mundo es sin duda uno de los libros más sorprendentes de todos los tiempos, fruto de los angeles imaginación de Cyrano de Bergerac.

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“As I take note, I had simply woken up from a snooze while i made a decision to create the universe. ”
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Even the best-laid plans can pass awry, and Mr g discovers that together with his production of area and time come a few unexpected consequences—especially within the kind of the mysterious Belhor, a shrewdpermanent and devious rival. An highbrow equivalent to Mr g, Belhor delights in frightening him: Belhor calls for an evidence for the inexplicable, requests that the newly created clever creatures now not be topic to rational legislation, and continues the need of evil. As Mr g watches his favourite universe develop into adulthood, he starts off to appreciate how the act of construction can switch himself, the Creator.

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38 Representing Socrates as the fish that can paralyze and benumb with its electric discharges evokes a negative image of aporetic inquiry—precisely the image that I am questioning in this chapter. ”39 When these three metaphors—gadfly, midwife, electric ray—are taken together, aporetic inquiry assumes a much more critical function than what aporia conventionally indicates. 40 But Arendt’s discussion of Socrates suggests that aporetic inquiry would appear to be leading to nothing other than impasse only if we expect to arrive at an incontrovertible truth that could serve as the foundation of our thinking and judgment.

58 I examine this contemporary predicament by discussing the troubling use of lip-sewing by detained asylum seekers. This protest method, violently illustrating speechlessness, demonstrates how one’s exclusion from a political community also marks one’s expulsion from humanity, or from the common world of speaking beings. A different picture of Arendt’s account of vita activa emerges as we read The Human Condition alongside The Origins of Totalitarianism and rethink the arguments in both works in light of contemporary problems of rightlessness: What has often been criticized as an exclusionary framework centered on the public glories of the privileged few turns out to be a critical phenomenology providing a new grasp on the well-known problems in long-term encampment or detention.

As mentioned earlier, the plight of stateless persons cannot be understood in merely legal terms; their condition of rightlessness also denotes exclusion from a political community and expulsion from humanity. 20 R IGHTLESSNESS IN AN AGE OF RIGHTS Chapter 4 inquires into these fundamental dimensions of rightlessness by focusing on the protracted encampment of refugees, though the analysis also points to similar problems in the long-term detention of asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants. For the purposes of this inquiry, I offer an unconventional reading of The Human Condition by rethinking Arendt’s arguments about action, work, and labor in her phenomenological account of vita activa (active life, or the life of activity).

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