By Roaf S., Thomas S., Fuentes M.

Ecohouse is an exhilarating and well timed textual content that tells you the way to layout low power, environmentally pleasant constructions this present day. It additionally presents the rules for development layout in a warming global, and stepping stones in the direction of the zero-carbon emission structures of the following day.

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An excellent example of an adaptable building form is the nomadic tent. 7). In winter the tent is closed right down to keep out the wind and rain but, as spring turns to summer, its cloth opens up, like wings, to form little more than a sun shade for the people inside. By making the envelope of the tent so adaptable, the range of climates in which its occupants can be comfortable, are considerably extended and tents of various shapes and materials are occupied from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara.

10. The traditional Nam house of Latvia. The Nam is the central masonry room with the kitchen fire and chimney around which are located A, the hall; B, the small chamber; C, the master chamber; and D, the communal and servants room. The outer walls of the house are made of horizontal untrimmed logs (after a drawing by Guntis Plesums in Oliver, 1997, Vol. 2, p. 1263). THE BUILDING AS A ROMAN BATH HOUSE In Roman bath houses the floors were warmed by an under-floor heating system called a hypocaust.

2 tons m–3). The embodied energy and CO2 of concrete blocks varies considerably and unexpectedly with their density. Owing to the manufacturing process and the materials used, high-density blocks have the lowest and medium-density blocks the highest embodied energy and CO2 emissions by weight and volume. 1 tonnes m–3). Compared with using rammed earth, and depending upon the type of block chosen, the CO2 impact of a concrete house can change by between 25 per cent and 100 per cent! An interesting strategy for housing is to use a mixture of high thermal mass and lightweight timber-framed construction.

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