By Rosalind Jackson

Domestic Violence Spills Over into the Workplace is a video presentation. Length: 22 minutes.

Domestic Violence Spills Over into the Workplace offers how one can determine the chance of and deal with concerns linked to family violence within the place of work. This 22-minute video presentation of narrated slides offers beneficial info on spotting symptoms of abuse, the fee to businesses, and what activities to take to mitigate the destructive impression of household violence on your office. It additionally addresses find out how to increase and converse a household violence coverage and a security plan for survivors.

Presenter Rosalind W. Jackson has years of expertise coping with office violence prevention courses in either company place of work and production settings. This presentation is a necessary software for human assets and safety execs to be used in education, company and defense executives within the improvement of a company family violence coverage, and educators within the classroom.

Domestic Violence Spills Over into the Workplace is part of Elsevier’s protection government Council danger administration Portfolio, a set of actual global options and "how-to" instructions that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with confirmed info for profitable safeguard and probability administration programs.

  • The 22-minute, visible PowerPoint presentation with audio narration layout is superb for crew studying
  • Discusses how one can check the chance of and tackle concerns linked to family violence spillover into the place of work
  • Addresses easy methods to improve and converse a household violence coverage and a security plan for survivors

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