Большой толковый словарь военных и околовоенных терминов, используемых в США. should have для военных переводчиков, будет также очень полезен всем интересующимся английским языком.

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Antiarmor helicopter — (*) A helicopter armed primarily for use in the destruction of armored targets. Also called antitank helicopter. anticountermining device — (*) A device fitted in an influence mine designed to prevent its actuation by shock. antideficiency violations — The incurring of obligations or the making of expenditure (outlays) in violation of appropriation law as to purpose, time, and amounts as specified in the defense appropriation or appropriations of funds. (JP 1-06) anti-G suit — A device worn by aircrew to counteract the effects on the human body of positive acceleration.

Amphibious force — An amphibious task force and a landing force together with other forces that are trained, organized, and equipped for amphibious operations. Also called AF. See also amphibious operation; amphibious task force; landing force. (JP 3-02) amphibious group — A command within the amphibious force, consisting of the commander and staff, designed to exercise operational control of assigned units in executing all phases of a division-size amphibious operation. 2) amphibious lift — (*) The total capacity of assault shipping utilized in an amphibious operation, expressed in terms of personnel, vehicles, and measurement or weight tons of supplies.

May be composed of surface ships, aircraft, submarines, or any combination of these, and their supporting systems. antisurface air operation — (*) An air operation conducted in an air/sea environment against enemy surface forces. antisweep device — (*) Any device incorporated in the mooring of a mine or obstructor, or in the mine circuits to make the sweeping of the mine more difficult. antisweeper mine — (*) A mine which is laid or whose mechanism is designed or adjusted with the specific object of damaging mine countermeasures vessels.

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