By Nikolas Davies, Erkki Jokiniemi

With greater than 20,000 phrases and phrases separately outlined, the Dictionary bargains large insurance for someone learning or operating in structure, building or any of the equipped setting fields.

The leading edge and special cross-referencing approach permits readers to trace down elusive definitions from common topic headings. ranging from basically the vaguest concept of the observe required, a reader can quick tune down exactly the time period they're having a look for.

The publication is illustrated with gorgeous drawings that offer a visible in addition to a textual definition of either key ideas and refined modifications in that means.

Davies and Jokiniemi's paintings units a brand new ordinary for reference books for all these drawn to the constructions that encompass us.

* entire assurance of structure and development terms
* distinct and leading edge cross-referencing system
* fantastically illustrated with targeted technical drawings

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2 subsequently a place where professors, orators and poets gathered to teach and present their works. 3 athenaeum; a literary or scientific institution, reading room or library. atheneum see athenaeum. Athens Charter a manifesto published by CIAM in 1933 which proposed solutions to the problems of modern urban dwelling, recreation, work, transport and historic buildings. athletic field see playing field. atlantes the plural form of atlas. 76 Atlantis cross a cross-like design of concentric circles, according to Plato symbolizing the town plan of the mythical city of Basilaea, in the lost land of Atlantis.

Asymptote in mathematics, a straight line which is continually approached by a given curve but does not meet it within a finite distance. atelier see studio. Aten the ancient Egyptian solar disc, the chief deity during the reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) in 1340 BC; one of the many forms of the sun god Ra (Re), depicted as the sun at midday at its hottest and brightest, with radiating beams terminating in life-giving hands; also written as Aton. 74 at grade double mini-roundabout see mini-roundabout.

24 round cinquefoliated arch. 23 round horseshoe arch, see horseshoe arch. 24 round multifoliated arch. 23 round trefoil arch. 24 round trifoliated arch. 110 Saracenic pointed arch, see pointed Saracenic arch. segmental arch, segmented arch. 24 semi-arch. semicircular arch. 24 skew arch. squinch arch, see squinch. 26 stilted arch. stilted pointed arch, see pointed Saracenic arch. stilted semicircular arch. straight arch, see flat arch. 23 strainer arch. 23 straining arch. structural arch, see arched structure.

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