By Sayed Khatab, Gary D. Bouma

Challenging the view of Islamic extremists and critics of Islam, this ebook explores the very topical factor of Islam’s compatibility with democracy. It examines:

  • principles of Islam's political thought and the proposal of democracy therein
  • the suggestion of democracy in medieval and glossy Muslim proposal
  • Islam and human rights
  • the contribution of Islamic felony principles to eu felony philosophy and law.

The e-book addresses the urgent desire for a scientific convey of an Islamic politics of human rights and democracy grounded within the Qur’an. The West wonders approximately Islam and human rights, and its personal skill to include Muslim minority groups. Many Muslims additionally search to discover inside of Islam help resource for democratic governance and human rights.

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55 In this regard, John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty (1858) is a classic protest against the tendency of governments to restrict this freedom. qxd 38 25/5/07 8:03 PM Page 38 The notion of democratic participation speech and writing should be completely free in a democracy. 56 The democrats of the time did not advocate ‘economic equality’, for that would have run counter to their respect for ‘private property’. At this time, according to Thomson, the historical connection between the belief in freedom of thought and the freedom of action put the concept of democracy, as an idea and form of government, in question.

This clearly confirms consultation as one of the principles of government in Islam. It is noteworthy that his consultative council was not confined to a specific race or gender. 310/923), the Prophet consulted women as well as men, both Arabs and non-Arabs alike. 127/744), quoting from the Caliph Ali: ‘O Messenger of Allah! ’ He replied: ‘Get together amongst my followers and place the matter before them for consultation. ’40 This in modern terminology is called direct democracy. Thus, choosing the ruler from among the people by the people is one of the Islamic principles.

This however does not mean that governance in Islam takes the form of theocracy because those who rule are not divinely set apart and they remain subject to the scrutiny of the people, who may remove them if they enact legislation or behave in ways that are contrary to the shari‘ah. The role of consultation is central to Islamic governance and is critical both in the appointment of leaders and in the conduct of the affairs of state. In all of this there are features of Islamic governance which resemble Western forms of democracy and other features which give the system its Islamic identity.

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