By Michael Parenti

DEMOCRACY FOR THE FEW is a provocative interpretation of yankee govt. It indicates how democracy is time and again violated via company oligopolies, and the way renowned forces have fought again and sometimes made earnings despite the method. through targeting the connection among financial strength and political energy, discussing genuine govt practices and regulations, conspiracies, propaganda, fraud, secrecy and different ploys of presidency and politics, this e-book stands aside in its research of ways US executive works.

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Thousands of unemployed writers, actors, musicians, and painters were given modest support and opportunity to enrich the lives of many in performances that ordinary people could afford to attend. Before the Roosevelt era, unions were readily broken by court injunctions, heavy fines, and violent repression. The New Deal produced a series of laws such as the Wagner Act and the Norris-La Guardia Act to legalize labor’s ability to bargain collectively. Management-controlled company unions were banned, and a minimum wage and forty-hour week were established.

They own about forty manorial estates and private museums in Delaware alone and have set up thirty-one tax-exempt foundations. They frequently are the largest contributors to Republican presidential campaigns and right-wing causes. Another powerful financial empire, that of the Rockefellers, extends into just about every industry in every nation of the world. The Rockefellers control several of the world’s largest oil companies and biggest banks. S. Senate and House of Representatives. Among the self-enriching individuals in the corporate world are the chief executive officers (CEOs) of giant companies.

The Constitution makes no mention of corporations. For the first few decades of the new nation, corporate charters were issued sparingly for specific purposes and fixed periods, usually of twenty or thirty years. Corporations could not own stock in other corporations or any land beyond what they needed for their business. Corporate records were open to public scrutiny; and state legislatures limited the rates that corporations could charge. 9 Using the law of “eminent domain,” the government took land from farmers and gave it to canal and railroad companies.

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