By Henry Adams

A right away bestseller upon its ebook in 1880, the anonymously penned Democracy triggered frequent hypothesis and guessing video games as to its author’s identification. it's the tale of Mrs. Lightfoot Lee, a society widow, and Silas Ratcliffe, the main influential member of the Senate, who, in the course of the novel, pursues Mrs. Lee whereas whilst fighting her for strength. Set in Washington within the 1870s, Democracy offers a scathing and incisive examine the complicated internal workings of politics and corruption that continues to be proper at the present time.

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Liberalism: The Life of an Idea

Liberalism dominates today’s politics simply because it decisively formed the previous 2 hundred years of yankee and ecu heritage. but there's awesome war of words approximately what liberalism relatively capacity and the way it arose. during this engrossing historical past of liberalism—the first in English for lots of decades—veteran political observer Edmund Fawcett strains the beliefs, successes, and screw ups of this principal political culture in the course of the lives and concepts of a wealthy solid of ecu and American thinkers and politicians, from the early 19th century to at the present time.

Parceling the Globe; Philosophical Explorations in Globalization, Global Behavior, and Peace.

Parceling the Globe is a research within the techniques of worldwide democracy. It deals an early solution to the query concerning our accountability to others. via its association, it provides a partial knowing of the globalization technique. It determines the variety of worldwide behaviors and articulates the clients for peace in a globalizing atmosphere.

Defeat of Solidarity: Anger And Politics In Postcommunist Europe

How did the autumn of communism and the next transition to capitalism in jap Europe have an effect on the folk who skilled it? and the way did their anger have an effect on the standard of the democratic structures that experience emerged? Poland bargains a very provocative case, for it used to be right here the place employees such a lot famously looked as if it would have gained, due to the position of the team spirit exchange union.

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