By Smith P.C.

The big Curtiss SB2C Helldiver turned the main recognized monoplane dive-bomber. regardless of early difficulties it developed into an efficient and trustworthy aeroplane, and used to be the spine of the USA Navy's offensive within the Pacific from 1943 until eventually the japanese capitulation. This booklet describes the aeroplane.

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17 For the 14 constant bandwidth channels, 6A through 19A, what is the modulation index of the channels if a maximum frequency of 400 Hz is allowed? What is the modulation index if a maximum frequency of 1,000 Hz is specified? References [1] Secretariat, Range Commanders Council, Telemetry Standards, White Sands Missile Range, NM: RCC, IRIG 106-00. [2] Berns, K. , ‘‘Benefits of Polarization Diversity Reception,’’ ITC Proceedings, Vol. XX, 1984, pp. 627–642. 2 Analog Frequency Modulation In an FM/FM multiplex communication system, analog signals from N different sensors are frequency modulated onto N individual subcarriers and summed, and the resultant single waveform is frequency modulated onto a carrier and transmitted.

The modulated carrier is received at the tracking antenna and sent to the receiver, which removes the subcarriers from the carrier and sends the subcarriers to the demultiplexer, which separates the subcarriers and removes the analog signal from each subcarrier. The analog signals representing sensor data are now ready for recording and processing. 3 Data Collection System The data collection system comprises such devices as thermocouples, accelerometers, transducers, filters, signal conditioners, and computers.

It is recommended that normally a modulation index less than 2 not be used. For example, the lowest channel has f d = 30 Hz, and the nominal frequency response is such that the channel will handle a signal with a maximum frequency of 6 Hz. 2 shows the nominal and the maximum frequencies of the channels. 4 kHz, whereas the maximum frequency response is given by 2 kHz. 5) and In the CBW channels, the output signal-to-noise ratio also depends on D , and it is usually recommended that a D larger than 1 be used.

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