By W. E. B. Griffin

W.E.B. Griffin's epic tale of the Marine Corps keeps with an elite fraternity referred to as the Raiders taking shape after the assault on Pearl Harbor.

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While the Marines had their breakfast, the Pan American crew prepared the Philippine Clipper for flight. At 0650, the radio operator on duty at the air station communications section, attempting to establish contact with Hickam Field, Hawaii, began to receive uncoded messages, which did not follow established message-transmission procedures, to the effect that the island of Oahu was under attack. He informed the duty officer, who went to Major Devereux. At 0655, the Philippine Clipper rose from the lagoon and gradually disappeared from sight in the bright blue morning sky.

Finally, he finished and looked at Wesley. "Very interesting," he said. " "I'm not at liberty to say," Wesley said. " "I believe the letter will be forwarded to the Commandant," Wesley said. " "You are, or He is? " Colonel Wesley nodded his head, signifying, Rickabee decided, that Wesley was running an errand. "I would really like to know where you got this, where He got it," Rickabee said. " "I'd still like to know how it came into His hands," Rickabee insisted. " "The document was typed, from a handwritten draft, by a clerk, a corporal, who thought the sergeant major should see it.

S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. S. Navy began to pay particular attention to the tiny atoll in the middle of the Pacific. S. possession was 450 miles from the Bikini atoll; 620 miles from the Marshalls, which the Japanese would certainly use for military purposes; 1,023 miles from Midway Island; and 1,300 miles from Guam. The USS Nitro was ordered to Wake to make preliminary engineering studies with a view to turning the atoll into a base for land (which of course included carrier-based) aircraft and submarines, and to fortify the island against any Japanese assault.

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