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Socks were important, too. You had to display a design of suitable cool on your ankle. An embroidered red diamond was always good. You had to look the part. The hustler learns young that style and substance are indivisible. They played eight-ball, nine-ball, and a game called Charlie. Charlie began with two numbered pills being tossed from a shaker. The number on the first pill determined the order in which you shot. The second pill was your ball, the one you had to put down. If another player knocked in your ball, you won.

Now Bobby, like Sonny, had gone off and joined the army. Rose and Joe were alone, and suddenly Frank had his own wife, with a baby on the way. With the birth of his son Michael on April 27, 1958, Frank became a kind of young patriarch, the one to reestablish the natural family order. He had never been easy on Joe, but now, in the absence of their father and older brothers, Frank became the prime authority figure. “Frank was almost like a father,” says Lotz. ’ He was scared to death of Frank. “I remember one time me and Joe went over to Frank’s house.

He was beginning to understand the position, the peculiar calculus of quarterbacking, the science of angles. There were two kinds of angles: those determined by distance, and those born of deception. “He just had a way with the ball,” says Lotz. “I remember being in the gym on a rainy day, and we were running a belly series. You ride the fullback through and pull it back at the last second. The way Joe did it, you couldn’t tell if the fullback or the halfback had the ball. ” Lotz was still a head taller than Joey.

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