By Janine Tucker

Lacrosse is likely one of the nation's fastest-growing adolescence activities, and the women' video game is overtaking the boys'. performed with diverse principles and strategies, women' lacrosse calls for its personal really expert guidebook. pleasant and inspiring, training ladies' Lacrosse is the 1st ebook to supply the basics each unprepared father or mother must train and inspire a group of 6- to 12-year-olds.

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The two most important points to emphasize to a player when picking up a ground ball that’s rolling away are to catch up to the ball and to bend at the knees to get low. Players too often reach out in front of themselves and bend at the waist (instead of at the knees) to try to pick up a rolling ground ball. As a result, they end up pushing the ball 40 yards down the field instead of picking it up! First, the player catches up with the ball as quickly as possible. When she is alongside the ball, she bends at the knees and lowers her butt to the ground.

The more assistants you can rope in, the better off you and your team will be. Perhaps one way to expand your pool is to offer parents “flextime”: if someone can come only once a week or even once every other week, take it. Ideally, your assistant coaches reflect and complement the philosophies, energy, and expectations of the head coach. Make it clear from the beginning that you expect your assistants to be fair, upbeat, and energetic when interacting with players, parents, fellow coaches, and umpires.

Out-of-Bounds Because there are no uniform measured boundaries in girls’ lacrosse, the player closest to the ball when it goes out of the playing area is awarded the ball. Teach your players to run hard after the ball as it is going out of the playing area and not to stop until they hear the umpire’s whistle. An empha- Chapter 3 / Before Hitting the Field: Girls’ Lacrosse in a Nutshell sis on hustle will promote aggressive pursuit of the ball and will win your team critical possessions. The player closest to the ball is brought onto the field 4 meters from the boundary and must be given 1 meter of playing space.

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