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The adjustments made by the quarterback in the over alignment are simple, and they help to make the option series optimally efficient. The slid-over backfield also causes problems for defensive reads by linebackers, which, in turn, will help to set up the counter-attack series. Fullback Dive The fullback dive is the first play in the option series. The fullback dive is a simple play that many teams fail to utilize because they treat it like a gut play up the middle. In the wing-bone alignment, the fullback dive becomes a devastating, quick-opening dive play that's tailor-made for a quick-hitting fullback- or halfback-type player.

Last, but not least, I want to thank my current assistant coaches at Baxter Springs Middle School, Jim Giesel and Roger Reynolds, for all their help and loyalty to our football program at BMS. Also, I want to give a special thank-you to all the assistant coaches I have worked with during my coaching career. Page 5 All of these coaches have helped me either directly or indirectly in developing my philosophy about coaching football and building programs at any level, whether it be middle school or high school.

The wing-bone gives your offense somewhat of an advantage because of the blocking system that it employs. The ability to outnumber your opponents along the line of scrimmage at the point of attack is a definite advantage when running the football. The wing-bone's basic blocking scheme allows your linemen to be more successful working together in this unique system of blocking. In order for any offense to be effective, it should have a blocking scheme that fits the particular style of offense being used.

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