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The 1st in-depth textbook of its type, this source offers completely with the comparative anatomy and body structure of unique species - small mammals, reptiles, and birds. For those as a rule encountered species, it highlights scientific issues for veterinary therapy. The ebook is seriously illustrated with transparent line diagrams, radiographs, and colour illustrations, explaining sincerely the functioning of unique species.

  • The first textbook to supply accomplished assurance of the comparative anatomy and body structure of unique species.
  • Written particularly to offer the veterinary practitioner a greater realizing of the functioning of unique species.
  • Profusely illustrated with transparent line diagrams, radiographs, and colour plates.

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Featuring a transparent visible consultant to knowing the human valuable fearful method, this moment version comprises various four-color illustrations, pictures, diagrams, radiographs, and histological fabric through the textual content. equipped and straightforward to keep on with, the booklet provides an summary of the CNS, sensory, and motor structures and the limbic method, with new and revised fabric.

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Key profit: to be had as a workbook and site, this source saves school room time and frustration by means of helping readers fast arrange for his or her A&P direction. The hands-on workbook gets readers in control with uncomplicated examine talents, math abilities, anatomical terminology, simple chemistry, telephone biology, and different fundamentals of the human physique.

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Anatomy, to be certain, is the fundamental starting place of scientific perform, however it is way greater than that. firstly, anatomy is a organic technology. there's order and common sense to the association of the human physique and the association of its elements. And, as all sciences, anatomy bargains problem and discovery.

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Many chelonia produce females at high temperatures and males at low temperatures. • Some lizards, such as the Rainbow lizard (Agama agama) produce the opposite: males at high temperatures and females at low temperatures. 11 • (a) Snake tail showing normal inverted hemipenis lying caudal to cloaca. (b) Hemipenis everted out through cloaca. The male The testes produce the sperm and also secrete the hormones responsible for mating behavior and secondary sexual characteristics. Testicular size varies with season and therefore with light, temperature, and food supply.

The bladder is often a reservoir of fluid in tortoises and, being osmotically permeable, substantial water can be reabsorbed from it in times of drought. Aquatic turtles use their bladder to help reabsorb sodium and as a buoyancy aid (Bentley 1976; Fox 1977; Minnich 1982). Reptile kidneys lack a loop of Henle, pelvis, and pyramids. The reptile nephron consists of a glomerulus, a long, thick proximal convoluted tubule, a short, thin intermediate segment, and a shorter distal tubule. In male snakes and lizards the terminal segment of the kidney has become a sexual segment.

1967) The mechanism of lung ventilation in the tortoise Testudo Graeca Linne. Journal of Experimental Biology 47, 1–20. Gregory, P. T. (1982) Reptilian hibernation. In C. ), Biology of the reptilia. Vol. 13, Physiology D. London: Academic Press. pp. 53–140. Haines, R. W. (1970) Epiphyses and sesamoids. In C. ), Biology of the reptilia. Vol. 1, Morphology A. London: Academic Press. pp. 81–112. Harvey-Clark, C. J. (1997) Dermatologic (skin) disorders. In L. ), The biology, husbandry and healthcare of reptiles, Vol.

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