By George Charalambous

Chemistry of meals and drinks: contemporary developments.

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Apples—Evaluation of Flavor Quality Storage in Controlled Atmosphere as a Function of A typical gas chromatogram of Golden Delicious apples is shown in Fig. 5. The peak numbering is related to the identifications in Table 4, which show an important amount of volatile esters, some alcohols, some aldehydes, and estragol Table 3. a Sampling dates Variety 3rd May 77 Confitura 330 (H) Gorella 21st June 79 3rd July 79 21 17 59 (L) 41 17 Jesco 148 Primella 120 Senga Gigana Sivetta 27th June 78 273 49 (L) Induka 31st June 77 930 (H) - - 335 (H) - - - 48 170 77 Red Gauntlet 52 238 43 - 3 9 Souvenir de Charles Machiroux - - 18 (H) Bel Rubi - 58 Geko 161 (H) 241 63 Domanil - Hapil - - - - 360 27 (L) Expressed as \ig/5 1 heads pace.

1) c o n s i s t i n g of a c a p i l l a r y - d e d i cated 2 9 0 0 Series gas C h r o m a t o g r a p h coupled with an H S Mod. 2 5 0 automatic s a m p l e r . Automatically actuated SPLIT-SPLITLESS SAMPLING SYSTEM D2 71 Capillary column COLUMN OVEN (subambient temp. CAPABILITY) Fig. matograph 1. Head space high configuration. resolution gas C h r o - column oven can easily be operated at s u b - a m b i e n t t e m p e r a t u r e s (down to 0 ° C ) . For this purpose a s p e cial heat e x c h a n g e r is f i t t e d , fed with liquid c o o led by an e x t e r n a l c r y o g e n i c unit.

Agric. Biol. Chem. 40, 303 (1976) 11. , Klöti, R. , Helv. Chim. Acta 5J5, 12. , Tetrahedron Lett. 1 9 6 9 , p. 2 7 9 13. , Helv. Chim. Acta 5 6 , 1 5 1 4 ( 1 9 7 4 ) 1916 (1972) THE USE OF HEADSPACE CONCENTRATION ON TENAX FOR OBJECTIVE FLAVOR QUALITY EVALUATION OF FRESH FRUITS (STRAWBERRY AND APPLE) Niceas Paul Schamp Dirinck Laboratory of Organic Chemistry Faculty of Agricultural Sciences State University of Gent Gent, Belgium ABSTRACT Objective evaluation of food flavor quality by means of instrumental analyses is one of the major challenges for the flavor chemist.

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