By James W. McCauley, A. M. Rajendran, W. A., Jr. Gooch, S. J. Bless, S. Wax, A. Crowson, Kathryn V. Logan, Michael Normandia

This targeted ebook brings jointly papers on ceramic armor provided by means of gurus from worldwide. masking subject matters from ceramic armor improvement to processing, production, and insertion, this ebook may be of serious curiosity to armor researchers in collage, and govt laboratories in addition to these industries taken with ceramic armor and excessive functionality structural ceramics. Papers offered at PAC RIM IV, a world convention on complex Ceramics and Glasses, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, united states (2001).

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EXPERIMENTAL BASIS The upper left-hand part of figure 1 shows a photograph of the kinetic energy projectile BMU G 154 developed at ISL. Below a sectional drawing of the rod is presented. Some penetrator material data are given in the upper right-hand table. In the lower lefthand diagram the reference Figure 1: KE projectile BMU G 154 penetration Pref is plotted versus the impact velocity vz kept constant in this paper 8: at 1800 m/s an RHA penetration of about 165 mm is achieved. The Pref(vz)function and its fitting parameters a and b can be found in the lower right-hand corner.

The applicability of this fit can be seen by reference to the following table: Table 1. 28 Ref. 85 Ref. 73 Ref. 26 Ref. 13 Ref. 75 Ref. (10) CHOICE OF CERAMIC MATERIAL The ballistic mass effectiveness of ceramic materials is dependent upon the armour configuration and the threat projectile. However, if the experiment is well designed, a reliable general ranking of mass effectiveness may be measured across a range of threats. 5mm heavy machine gun rounds and 30mm and 40mm APFSDS projectiles. Some of the materials investigated are detailed in Table 2.

5. Whilst this relationship gives a good first estimate for the optimum configuration for low velocity impact at normal incidence, we have found that it does not give an adequate estimation of the optimal ratio over a range of velocity or for oblique impact. There is little information available in the literature that bears direct comparison, but analysis of the available data shows a significant correlation for a wide variety of projectile types impacting an alumina/aluminium system. 62mm AP rounds impacting alumina/aluminium systems at ~850 ms-1.

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