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The Conservation of the Orpheus Mosaic at Paphos, Cyprus

This ebook chronicles the improvement and implementation of the Pilot undertaking on Mosaics Conservation, which was once demonstrated in 1988 via the Getty Conservation Institute and the Cyprus division of Antiquities as a way to perform conservation paintings on a striking ground mosaic at Paphos. ancient and iconographic history at the Orpheus mosaic, in addition to thorough documentation of the methods utilized in its overview, detachment, reinstallation, and cleansing are profiled.

Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors: A Studio Companion

Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors is a instruction manual with questions and solutions on ceramic paperclay for newbies to expert artists. The e-book comprises «how-to» and knowledge for modeling, sculpture, bas reduction, work of art, hand-building, pottery wheel, blending, recycling, firing, nonfiring, casting, and deploy.

Forbidden Asia

  because the Turkish bathtub (1863) through the French painter Ingres, the a ways japanese lady has to many been an emblem of pleasures out of succeed in or forbidden. Seafaring explorers, army adventurers and straightforward guests from Europe over the centuries have all been enthralled by means of the unique nature of the oriental lady, her foreignness accentuated via the light pallor of her dermis.

Exotica in the prehistoric Mediterranean

This ebook examines how unique fabrics have been exchanged and used around the Mediterranean from the Neolithic period to the Iron Age, concentrating on the Bronze Age. quite a few fabrics and interpretative techniques are awarded via numerous case stories. those emphasise how the price of unique fabrics trusted the context during which they have been fed on.

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