Книжица о диорамах с применением продукции Verlinden, есть немного техники иготовления.
На мой взгляд не плохо, но выглядят как игрушечные (наверно с сухой кистью перестарались).

пароль infanata

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He often mixed the wine with water. He never drank anything stronger. Around 7 o’clock in the evening, the king and queen usually hosted tea. The family and visitors gathered for conversation and a light snack. They would play card games and talk until about 10 o’clock. Then the king and queen would host another meal, which they called supper. They went to bed around 11 o’clock. Every once in a while they might stay up until midnight. The king and queen had separate apartments connected by a private staircase.

He issued a formal decree. It said that the colonies were in rebellion. Several of the king’s advisors warned him that he could never defeat the colonists in their own lands. Great Britain was trying to fight a war 3,000 miles away and it took three to six months for supplies to reach North America. They told the king that the best thing to do was Losing a War block the American ports. The colonists wouldn’t be able to beat the mighty British navy. And without shipping, the colonists wouldn’t get the goods they needed to survive.

So did his family and the members of Parliament. Even the common people thought their king had gone mad. Over the winter, George gradually got better. By April of 1789, he was so much better that a thanksgiving service was held in his honor at St. Paul’s Church in London. A few weeks after that service, revolution broke out in France. On July 14, 1789, mobs of poor Frenchmen freed the prisoners held in the Bastille, a big prison in Paris. The king and queen of France were taken captive. They were executed four years later.

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