By J. L. Best, C. S. Bristow (editors)

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Wrf)OgS(wb:~0"3_~_5 Wbf] dbf ] * First term is dimensional, units days -1. channels have even been formed in muddy sediments on floodplains (Rust & Nanson 1986; Nanson et al. 1986), although the mud was probably transported in the form of sand-sized pellets. g. Brice 1964; Smith 1976; Witt 1985). Such stabilization allows the existence of relatively steep cut banks and may hinder lateral migration of channels. However, there is no conclusive evidence that vegetation has an important influence on the equilibrium channel pattern (contrary to the view held by Brice 1964).

G. Bridge et al. 1986). Also, the relative sinuosities of channels on either side of braid bars is commonly such as to give a braid length/ maximum width of approximately 3-4, which. represents a streamlined form according tG Komar (1983, 1984). In many natural rivers, the riffle-riffle spacing, and overall bar dimensions do not change appreciably as discharge falls seasonally below 'channel-forming' discharge. However, if a braided channel segment experiences a reduction in discharge over a long enough term (relative to erosion and deposition rate), a series of bars and bends may develop that have a shorter wavelength than the original segment.

More recently, Brice (1984; see also Brice et al. 1978) abandoned his braiding index and classified the degree of braiding as the proportion of the channel length in a each that is divided by bars and islands and the character of braiding in terms of whether the bars or islands are dominant and the plan shapes of islands. The degree of braiding cannot be compared with the braid- sum of mid-channel lengths of all channels in reach length of mid-line of widest channel ing indices discussed above, and the character of braiding cannot be defined objectively.

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