By Robert S. Hopkins III

This hugely readable textual content follows the improvement and repair use of this globe-trotting plane. It takes the reader throughout the wide variety of projects it has played, together with delivery, tanker, climate recce, reconnaissance and intelligence collecting, unique operations, airborne command submit and test-bed. each version and sub-variant is charted and the histories of every plane are stumbled on inside of. comprises information of the loads of devices, earlier and current, that experience flown Stratotanker. For army and aviation fans. Robert S. Hopkins III is a former U.S. Air strength pilot. He commanded an RC-135 Rivet Joint staff in the course of Operation wilderness protect and desolate tract typhoon.

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The steel engine weighed 400 pounds more than the titanium version but cost $100,000 less per engine. Tankers already delivered with the titanium J57-P-43W engines would be retrofitted 3pucthe lith :lir3re Ns ~'s Seven KC-135s appear in varying stages of completion on the Renton assembly line. Visible in the upper left are two 707s. Accelerated KC-135 production brought with it a number of problems, ranging from a lack of engines to autopilots. Co-production with the 707 brought contract wrangles that jeopardized 707 deliveries to an anxious airline community willing to buy DC·as from Boeing's competitor.

The airplane flew 22 flights, accumulating 78 hours, 40 minutes of flying time. Of that, 20 hours, five minutes was in actual instrument flying conditions. The last test flight was on 22nd June 1957, after which the airplane began Arctic testing. Test results were favorable, with no significant increase in pilot workload during instrument flying conditions. The pilots' instrument panels were found to be poorly arranged, and were tested in several configurations prior to choosing an acceptable final layout.

The Comet 1's troubles would 'affect not only British aviation, but jet developments ... ' 75 In October 1955 AMC directed that a hydrostatic test program be undertaken to study the KC-135's vulnerability to these pressurization problems and to determine the type, location, and intensity of pressure stresses the KC-135 could endure over its normal lifetime before suffering structural failure. These underwater tests were similar to those the British conducted as part of their efforts to identify the Comet's structural problems.

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