By Wallace J. Nichols

Why are we interested in the sea every one summer season? Why does being close to water set our minds and our bodies relaxed? In BLUE brain, Wallace J. Nichols revolutionizes how we predict approximately those questions, revealing the amazing fact concerning the merits of being in, on, less than, or just close to water. Combining state-of-the-art neuroscience with compelling own tales from best athletes, prime scientists, army veterans, and proficient artists, he exhibits how proximity to water can increase functionality, raise calm, lessen anxiousness, and raise specialist success.

BLUE brain not just illustrates the the most important significance of our connection to water-it offers a paradigm transferring "blueprint" for a greater existence in this Blue Marble we name domestic.

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But our science and policy texts were incapable of including the feeling of running a rapid, sitting at the bottom of a quarry, the physiology of retrieved memories and nostalgia, or the creative elixir of floating beneath the stars to Swan Lake. After receiving a doctorate from the landlocked University of Arizona, I proposed to my wife, Dana, underwater off the coast of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. I wordlessly slipped a sea-turtle-shaped ring onto her finger. As parents of Grayce and Julia, our favorite moments together involve water.

I don’t think everything in life needs to be explained. But when I consider what’s at stake, and the fact that we must encourage people to change their behavior and shift government policies if we’re going to restore the health of the world’s water systems, I’ve come around to agreeing with my dear friend Dr. ” Nichols that it’s time to explain the magic. While appealing to people’s emotions can be very effective in many instances, at some point you have to be able to appeal to their intellects.

My friend Steve got a race car. Rusty’s was a dog. Mine was a black bear standing on all four legs. I loved that dream—so much so that I tried to dream it again every night before going to sleep. And every time I saw a bear, or a cast-iron car or dog, or a cup of tea, I thought of my dream. That went on for months and then years, dreaming and daydreaming, and wanting to dream about diving into a teacup to retrieve an iron bear. I still have that dream. At five years of age I became more curious about being adopted.

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