By Thomas N. Wight and Robert P. Mecham (Eds.)

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Re­ produced from Vertel et al. (1984). cultures is due to an increase in the concentration of mRNA within the cells. In order to measure directly the amounts of specific mRNAs present in differentiating chondrocytes, it will be necessary to use DNA probes which can be hybridized to the core protein mRNA. B. , 1983). Many of these proteoglycans are immunologically related, contain a core protein of approximately 45 kDa, 1-3 chondroitin sul­ fate or dermatan sulfate side chains, and 1-3 Asn-linked carbohydrate chains.

1986) Small core protein Rat L2 yolk sac t u m o r H u m a n fibroblast B o v i n e bone Complete Complete C terminus Bourdon et al. (1985) R o u s l a h t i et al. (1986) D a y et al. (1986) Link protein Chick Rat chondrosarcoma Complete C terminus D e a k et al. (1986) D o e g e et al. (1986) PROTEOGLYCANS AND LINK PROTEINS A. Proteoglycan Core Proteins and Related 41 Proteins Cloning of the large cartilage aggregating proteoglycan core protein presented some obstacles rarely encountered in the cloning of other proteins: (1) the large size of the core protein mRNA made it difficult to synthesize a full-length cDNA, (2) the codon redundancy for amino acids in the known sequence precluded the use of mixed oligonucle­ otide primers or probes, and (3) the presence of a protein epitope at the COOH-terminal region of the molecule had not been determined.

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