By Samantha Sotto

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A blank Scrabble tile hung from it and rested beneath his collarbone. She had given the necklace to Max on their first anniversary to celebrate all the vowels they had lost so far. Shelley slammed the book shut and lay back on the floor, staring at a ceiling that was falling upward and away. Liquid darkness closed around her as she sank into a well of salty tears. The stale breath she had lived on bubbled from her lips. She curled into a ball, closed her eyes, and waited for the death of her body or her soul, wondering which would save her first.

He panted as he nudged his glasses higher on his crooked nose. ” A wisp of peppermint drifted Shelley’s way. “Wouldn’t dream of leaving without you,” Max said. “Didn’t think you’d fancy the swim across the Channel. ” “I’m Brad and this is Simon,” said the man with the camera. The group traded handshakes and hellos. “Campers, may I have your attention, please,” Max said. ” He pulled a folded piece of paper from the pocket of his khaki shirt. It was his little yellow leaflet. He flipped it around and cleared his throat.

Brad had told her that he would be sending a draft of his new project. Photography had always been a hobby of his, but he had only ever shown his work to Simon. After Simon was killed, Brad had wedged his camera between himself and a world that did not have his fiancé in it. Shelley realized that it was now a year since Brad had closed their wedding-planning business to see if his art could feed him (and still satisfy his occasional Prada cravings). She had helped convince him that he could always scrape by as a paparazzo if money ever got tight.

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