By Conor Whately

In Battles and Generals: wrestle, tradition, and Didacticism in Procopius’ Wars, Whately reads Procopius’ descriptions of wrestle during the lens of didacticism, arguing that one in every of Procopius’ intentions was once to build these debts not just in order that they should be exciting to his viewers, but in addition in order that they may possibly supply genuine worth to his readership, which used to be comprised, partly, of the empire’s army command. during this research we find that the various battles and sieges that Procopius describes will not be wide-spread; really, they've been crafted to mirror the character of strive against – as understood by way of Procopius – at the 3 fronts of Justinian’s wars, the frontier with Persia, Vandal north Africa, and Gothic Italy.

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See Swain (1996: 298–329) for the relevant bibliography on Lucian, and Plutarch (1996: 135–186) and Hurst (1982) for Dionysius. Intriguingly, he applies these criteria, in a comical cum satyric way, in his True History. Lucian Hist. Conscr. 6, trans. Kilburn. Introduction 23 What Lucian describes above is a carefully arranged story: not everything can be covered, and it is up to the historian to choose what to keep and what to purge. ”126 Lucian gets more explicit later when he notes that not only must a history be carefully arranged, written by an experienced person, useful, and truthful: it must also be entertaining.

1). Libanius, Gibson pp. 429–433. 96 What these rhetoricians do not do, however, is give much detail about what exactly it is about Thucydides’ descriptions of combat that are so exemplary. Aelius Theon and Pseudo-Hermogenes may both give an outline of what is to be included in war and battle, but that is all it is: an outline. They provide the foundation for a description of a battle or siege, and it is then incumbent upon the historian to fill in the pieces to suit the historical circumstances.

The second of those tasks is to pick an appropriate place to begin and end the narrative; the third is to determine what material to include and what material to omit; and the fourth is to arrange the material properly and to put each point in its proper place. 133 Plutarch, in his On the Malice of Herodotus, stresses some of the same issues. He allows that some omission is permissible, so as long as nothing that deserves a place is left out. 134 Lucian’s discussion is per130 131 132 133 134 See Dion.

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