By A. W. Lewis

A few books exist already which deal quite totally with booklet crafts and in addition with complicated bookbinding, few of them hide in any aspect the elemental equipment of binding within the easier kinds. This ebook is an try and bridge the distance via delivering step-by-step directions within the crucial operations occupied with the binding of books by means of hand in textile and in library variety. No initial “book crafts” is advised because it is thought that adequate preparatory paintings should be performed in bookbinding itself via the making up of small books of simple writing or drawing paper earlier than beginning on books of any worth. This booklet may be chanced on worthy in education schools, paintings colleges, secondary faculties and in night periods and in addition that adequate specified guide is given to let a scholar, engaged on his personal, to take action with success.
Книга английского автора А.В.Льюиса о секретах переплётного дела. Ценность данного издания в том, что каждый человек, прочитав подробные пошаговые инструкции, сможет сделать переплёт книги в домашних условиях. Учебник прекрасно иллюстрирован и к каждому действию даётся подробный комментарий. Описаны разные стили переплёта, и дано описание инструментов, необходимых для работы. Также эта книга будет полезной библиотекарям, реставратором, студентам, ученикам школ и колледжей и всем тем, кто любит реставрировать книги.

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Fig. 14 PREPARING THE ENDPAPERS, 34 B IN D IN G A SIN G L E -SE C T IO N E D BOOK 4. Remove the old sewing thread or metal clips from the book to be bound. 5. , the top, of the book as seen in fig. 15. Fig. 15 6. Cut a strip of linen or old scrap cloth 2" wide and Y shorter than the length of the book. 7. Brush a thin coating of paste or glue on to the linen. 8. Place the linen strip, pasted side uppermost, on the centre of a piece of waste paper. 9. , one half, of the linen is covered as in fig.

When a burr can be felt on the flat side of the blade, fig. 7E, turn the blade over and lay it quite flat on the stone, BASIC OPERATIONS 25 & F ig . 7 fig. 7F. Press firmly downwards with the fingers of the left hand, as shown by the arrow in fig. 7F, so that the blade is kept perfectly flat on the stone and rub backwards and forwards until the burr is removed. Wh i t e / BLUNT Y~T7. -L IN E Continue rubbing on the bevelled INVISIBLE’ and flat surfaces SHARP v u : alternately until the edge is quite Fig.

Open the front cover and turn back the front flyleaf. Press firmly on the body of the book and pull back the first endpaper flyleaf, in the direction shown by the arrow in fig. , the tapes or cords, are visible at the hinge. Fig. 33 2. Cut the slips and mull, carefully, with a sharp knife. 3. Repeat the process for the back board and the cover should then be free from the book. 4. Carefully remove as much as possible of the back lining without damaging the back of the sections. 5. , has the leather stuck directly to the back of the sections, the cover must be carefully pulled off the back of the book after first cutting the slips.

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