By Bernd-Volker Brahms

The Badminton instruction manual is a compact, groundbreaking education handbook that offers the reader an total perception into the realm of badminton. it truly is divided into parts.

the 1st half offers with education thought whereas the second one includes heritage information regarding the game and its stars, therefore giving the reader an total perception into the area of badminton.

The Badminton instruction manual is groundbreaking in lots of methods. It combines education concept and knowledge approximately badminton stars by way of reinforcing uncomplicated causes on badminton process with assistance from the pros.

It not just relates the buzz of this activity with Asian origins, yet tells you all you must find out about badminton from A to Z. it's a trustworthy reference publication that readers should want to flip to many times

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The elbow of the hitting hand is placed to the right in front of the body. • the racket points downwards. • the shuttlecock can be hit with a lightning quick movement at the last moment – instead of just behind the net – with a flick into the back of the court. Fig. 31: The backhand serve The Flick Serve … • can be played either as a forehand or a backhand. • the backswing is relatively slow, so that the opponent will expect a short ball. • at the last moment before the shot, there is a sudden acceleration that sends the shuttlecock right to the back of the opponent’s half of the court.

The server should observe how the opponent positions himself to receive the serve. If he stands wide in the middle of the court, the most effective ball is always the short serve, as the opponent can only reach the shuttlecock with a lunge and must play an underarm shot. However, if the opponent stands well to the front of the court at the net, and holds the racket above the top of the net waiting to “kill” the shuttlecock, then a long serve would always be the best solution. The flick serve (Fig.

This is measured by to what extent the racket head turns left or right around the longitudinal axis of the shaft. If the player hits the shuttle not with the center but with the edge of the racket, it can be returned equally as well by a racket with low torsion as a shuttle that is hit with the center of a cheaper racket. Another property of the racket that influences the play quality is balance. There are head and grip-heavy as well as balanced rackets on the market. Basically, head-heavy rackets offer greater acceleration in the smash, while grip-heavy models are better suited to defensive play, as they allow for greater accuracy.

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