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Astrology, Karma & Transformation: the interior Dimensions of the delivery Chart

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For those satisfied with prediction formulae, archaic concepts, and simplistic character analysis, this book will be irrelevant. Those will find it useful and informative who still ask such questions as: Why does astrology work? Why was a certain person born with certain aspects in the natal chart? What is the purpose of this seemingly difficult time period? Why has a certain person been unable to deal effectively with a certain problem? This book is primarily based on personal and clinical experience, and I have tried to make it as practical as possible.

Of all twelve signs, these three are most obviously concerned with crises that can clearly be related to karma. , those with these signs highly emphasized in their charts, not just people with the Sun in these signs) have to bear far more than their share of burdens, both physical drudgery and duties (Virgo) and emotional turmoil and confusion (Pisces). This is because these signs represent crucial stages in self-development, phases of evolution and growth in which the person must confront the fruits of his or her actions and attitudes.

The old “where there’s a will, there’s a way” approach to dealing with one’s problems collapses when the challenge is too intense. And the attempt to rationalize one’s conflicts and spiritual crises out of existence will only dam the flow of the life energies for a short while, quickly followed by a torrential release of power that starkly reveals the shallowness of pseudo-spiritual escapism. The karmic patterns are real and powerful. Those habits are not going to fade away overnight following a short positive-thinking pep-talk.

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