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A few soldiers, a few statesmen, a few devoted men did all the work, suffered all the hardships, and saved the country in spite of itself, while the majority ran away or kept aloof, grew fat and looked on” (691, 694). The time was ripe for rebuilding the reputations of America’s founders. The task began in 1930 with Samuel Eliot Morison’s respectful new look at seventeenth-century New Englanders and was continued by Clifford Shipton, Perry Miller, and others. An interesting index of popular history can be found in the guides prepared in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration, including historical surveys of every state and major city in the nation.

Navy, stressing the impressiveness of its ships as well as the humor and humanity of the sailors who man them: music, lighting, and color reveal an impressive nautical environment where it is fun to serve. The navy was clearly happy to cooperate with the project, and the director was working very hard to prove his loyalty, making it difficult for the Department of Defense to turn down such a sanguine propagandist. A classic survey of the interactions between Hollywood and the Pentagon can be found in Lawrence Suid’s Guts & Glory: The Making of the American Military Image in Film.

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