Enjoyable the Army's desire for engines of easy layout which are effortless to function and continue, the fuel turbine engine is utilized in all helicopters of lively military and Reserve elements, and lots of the fixedwing airplane to incorporate the sunshine Air Cushioned car (LACV). We designed this subcourse to educate you idea and rules of the gasoline turbine engine and a few of the fundamental military plane gasoline turbine engines utilized in our airplane this day. There aren't any must haves for this subcourse. This subcourse displays the doctrine which was once present on the time it used to be ready. on your personal paintings scenario, constantly seek advice from the newest guides.

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The right side of the engine is determined by viewing the engine from the front. 24 AL0993 Weight 2 7. Varying the angle of the inlet guide vanes changes the N1 compressor speed. 2 8. The reduction gearassembly in the T53­L­701 is smaller than that in the T53­L­13. Cluster True­False (Each of the following groups of questions is related to the statement that precedes them. ) FIRST GROUP In the discussion on the inlet housing assembly, your text tells you that: 3 9. Split power gearing allows greater horsepower.

2 34. In a gas turbine engine, imbalance of rotating parts is the main cause of vibrations. 2 35. A vibration transducer is used to analyze the force generated by the amount of imbalance and the rotating speed. 2 36. Imbalance is measured in mils. 2 37. The Engine Vibration Test Data Sheet gives the figures for maximum permissible engine vibration. 2 38. Externally excited vibrations may also be caused by imbalance of rotating engine components. Matching In questions 39 through 44, match the statements in column I with the cleaning method to which they apply in column II by writing the proper letter by each question.

The N1 has drive pads for the fuel control, the starter generator, and the gas producer tachometer generator. 2 22. The N2 overspeed governor and tachometer drive assembly is on the underside of the engine inlet housing. 2 23. The fuel control overspeed governor is driven by the N2 assembly. FOURTH GROUP Evaluate the following statements about the torquemeter used on the L­13 model by marking them true or false. 3 24. Because it uses engine oil, it is part of the lubrication system. 3 25. Two circular plates make up the mechanical portion of the torquemeter.

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