By Gabriel Mandel Khan, Rosanna M. Giammanco Frongia

Provides a letter-by-letter research of all of the very important alphabets utilized by todays calligraphers and contours a set of plates representing the cultured in addition to the practical facets of those alphabets as interpreted by way of prime modern calligraphers

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Disorientation or dépaysement – with its point of departure in everyday reality and its point of arrival in the surreal – was considered a fundamental surrealist principle. Related to the concept of defamiliarization or ostranienie developed by Chklovski and the early Russian Formalists, it is based on the idea that the function of art is to counteract the automatization that deadens everyday perception, making us see anew rather than simply recognize. The formal strategies of defamiliarization outlined above – the film’s ellipses and interpolated shots, its spatial incongruities, irrational associations, rhythmic structures, fragmentation – impede naturalization.

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