By Koichi Watanabe, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas

Anatomy for cosmetic surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck information the complicated local anatomy of the face, head and neck, offering cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology citizens with a superb anatomical wisdom base. there are various chance zones excited by working at the head and neck, and the precise wisdom of anatomy that readers achieve from this reference may help them keep away from the surgical mishaps that regularly bring about sufferer disfigurement.

Key Features:

  • Complex neighborhood anatomy of the top and neck certain with drawings, intraoperative photographs and radiologic images
  • Online entry to video clips during which authors stroll readers during the anatomy of the face, head and neck
  • Covers the most recent anatomical themes, together with arterial provide of the facial pores and skin and sensory nerves of the pinnacle and neck

This very good anatomical reference should be learn hide to hide via younger plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists, in addition to citizens in those specialties. more matured surgeons will check with it at any time when they should know about an unexpected region of the pinnacle and neck.

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4 Coronal T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging through the orbits demonstrates the relationship of the frontal lobes, olfactory bulbs, and olfactory grooves. The olfactory bulbs (OBs) lie inferior to the gyrus rectii (GR) of the frontal lobes. The olfactory grooves (OGs) vary in depth in relationship to the ethm oid roof. The lateral aspect of the ethmoid roof is the fovea ethmoidalis (FE). 15 Anatom y for Plastic Surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck Fig.  The middle image demonstrates a depth of 5 mm (II); the image on the right shows a depth of 8 mm (III).

6 In th e con ch al form , th e sph en oid bon e is essen t ially solid w ith ou t develop m en t of an aerated sph en oid sin u s. With presellar pn eu m at izat ion , th e sph en oid sin us is pn eum at ized but does n ot exten d p osteriorly to th e coron al level of th e an terior sellar. With sellar p n eum at izat ion , th e sp h en oid sin u s exten ds posteriorly in ferior to th e sella an d can exten d to th e posterior clival m argin . Th e an terior w all an d oor of sella are quite thin in th e lat ter su bt ype, m easu ring less th an a m illim eter in th ickn ess.

In : Barkovich AJ, ed. Pediat ric Neuroim aging. 4th ed. Ph iladelp h ia: Lip pin cot t William s & Wilkin s; 2005:308–313 18. Barkovich AJ, Van derm arck P, Edw ards MS, Cogen PH. Congenit al n asal m asses: CT an d MR im aging feat ures in 16 cases. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 1991;12(1):105–116 Pu bMed 19. McLaugh lin RB Jr, Reh l RM, Lan za DC. Clin ically relevan t fron t al sin us an atom y an d physiology. Otolar yngol Clin Nor th Am 2001; 34(1):1–22 PubMed 20. Turgut S, Ercan I, Sayin I, Başak M.

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