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Weight and stability is a crucial element to the security of flight. An obese airplane, or one whose heart of gravity is outdoors the allowable limits, is inefficient and hazardous to fly. The accountability for correct weight and stability keep watch over starts off with the engineers and architects, and extends to the pilot and mechanic who flies and continues the airplane. This Federal Aviation management (FAA) booklet addresses this safety-crucial subject and in learning this guide, pilots and Aviation upkeep Technicians (AMTs) will achieve the required wisdom near to airplane weight and stability, in education for the FAA wisdom examination in addition to secure flight and upkeep operations.

Basic plane weight and stability keep an eye on rules and strategies for the practise, and the particular weighing of an plane commence the dialogue, together with the equipment of making a choice on the positioning of the empty weight heart of gravity. Loading computations with loading graphs and tables of weight and second indexes stick to, together with directions on selecting the burden and middle of gravity adjustments attributable to maintenance and adjustments or elimination and deploy of apparatus. Chapters are devoted to light-sport plane, single-engine plane, multi-engine airplane, and commuter and big plane, in addition to helicopter weight and stability regulate and choosing lateral CG. additionally incorporated are examples of fixing weight and stability difficulties utilizing a handheld digital calculator, E6-B flight desktop, and a devoted digital flight computer.

This 2016 version displays the most recent aviation techniques, gear, thoughts, laws, and is a key reference within the FAA Airman Certification criteria (ACS). Illustrated all through with specified, full-color drawings, and features a word list and index.

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Stabilizer trim setting in ANU units. Determining CG Changes Caused by Modifying the Cargo Large aircraft carry so much cargo that adding, subtracting, or moving any of it from one hold to another can cause large shifts in the CG. Effects of Loading or Offloading Cargo Both the weight and CG of an aircraft are changed when cargo is offloaded or onloaded. This example shows the way to determine the new weight and CG after 2,500 pounds of cargo is offloaded from the forward cargo hold. Consider these specifications: Loaded weight...............................

When weighing from the wheels, leveling is normally done by adjusting the air pressure in the nose wheel shock strut. Safety Considerations Special precautions must be taken when raising an aircraft on jacks. 1. Stress plates must be installed under the jack pads if the manufacturer specifies them. 2. If anyone is required to be in the aircraft while it is being jacked, there must be no movement. 3. The jacks must be straight under the jack pads before beginning to raise the aircraft. 4. All jacks must be raised simultaneously and the safety devices are against the jack cylinder to prevent the aircraft tipping if any jack should lose pressure.

Stabilizer Trim Setting in Percent of MAC If the stabilizer trim is calibrated in units of % MAC, determine the CG location in % MAC as has just been described, then set the stabilizer trim on the percentage figure thus determined. Stabilizer Trim Setting in Percent of ANU (Airplane Nose Up) Some aircraft give the stabilizer trim setting in Units ANU that correspond with the location of the CG in % MAC. When preparing for takeoff in an aircraft equipped with this system, first determine the CG in % MAC in the way described above, then refer to the Stabilizer Trim Setting Chart on the Takeoff Performance page of the AFM.

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