By P. R. Sammonds, J M T Thompson, J. M. T. Thompson

If you'd like an concept of the place present earth technological know-how learn is heading. however the first bankruptcy on assessing the hazards of now not addressing carbon emissions is well worth the fee of admission.

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F ) Student (Aged 18–21) Having left their family homes our two subjects have now become very much more responsible for their personal GHG emissions and climate impact. One of the first and most important decisions they make is their form of transport while students in London. Mr Meyer opts to use his bike and an all year public transport pass costing £264 and leading to annual GHG emissions of around 260 kg. Meanwhile, Mr Black chooses to buy and use a 7 year old hatchback for his transport. Purchase and maintenance costs aside, this option costs him £407 a year in fuel and produces over tow tonnes of GHG.

While the Meyers opt for taking their son to the nearby nursery by bike, the Blacks use their large four-wheel drive for all of these short journeys. Consequently, while going to nursery costs nothing in terms of GHG produced or fuel bought for the Meyers, the Blacks have to pay £55 extra on petrol and produce an extra 211 kg of GHG each year. (c) Infant (Aged 4–7) Now our two ‘GHG guinea pigs’ are old enough for infant school, they both qualify for a free bus service. However, the Blacks decide against using this May 17, 2007 23:23 WSPC/SPI-B424 From Earthquakes to Global Warming The Price of Climate Change ch01 11 Fig.

While some critics of the Kyoto protocol argue that the GHG reductions it proposes are woefully inadequate, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) maintains that the Kyoto protocol is only the first step in the process of tackling global warming. The eventual size of GHG reduction will need to be many times that outlined in the current Kyoto protocol if the most severe climate change impacts are to be avoided. However, the very high costs predicted for such wide-reaching GHG emission May 17, 2007 23:23 WSPC/SPI-B424 From Earthquakes to Global Warming 8 ch01 D.

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