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Design of Composite Highway Bridges Curved in Plan

This booklet enhances prior layout publications for the layout of composite bridges based on the Eurocodes. It recognises that many road bridges hold roads which are on a curved alignment and the helping constitution follows that curved alignment. The suggestions addresses the implications of the plan curvature at the layout.

Planning by Design (PxD)-Based Systematic Methodologies

The publication exhibits the way to use making plans by way of layout (PxD) for constructing operating versions to any kind of topic quarter. part 1 describes the character of making plans in most cases, the formulation of making plans, the positive aspects that make it systematic, the essence of PxD, and constructing and utilizing the operating version. part 2 demonstrates own program of artistic making plans to actual existence situations and sensible operating types on diverse topic parts.

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All Rights Reserved Too Many Logic Levels: Solutions • • • The implementation tools cannot do much to improve performance The netlist must be altered to reduce the amount of logic between flip-flops Possible solutions: – Check whether the path is a multi-cycle path • – – – If it is, add a multi-cycle path constraint Use the retiming option during synthesis to distribute logic more evenly between flip-flops Confirm that good coding techniques were used to build this logic (no nested IF or CASE statements) Add a pipeline stage Timing Closure with Timing Analyzer - 21 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc.

All Rights Reserved Timing Reports • Timing reports enable you to determine how and why constraints were not met – • The Project Navigator can create timing reports at two points in the design flow – – • Reports contain detailed descriptions of paths that fail their constraints Post-Map Static Timing Report Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report The Timing Analyzer is a utility for creating and reading timing reports Timing Closure with Timing Analyzer - 6 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved Using the Timing Analyzer • • • Create and open a report in the Timing Analyzer by doubleclicking on Post-Place & Route Static Timing Report Open a plain text version of the report Start the Timing Analyzer to create custom reports by doubleclicking on Analyze Post-Place & Route Static Timing (Timing Analyzer) Timing Closure with Timing Analyzer - 7 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc.

All Rights Reserved Creating Custom Reports • • The Post-Map and Post-Place & Route Static Timing Reports are usually sufficient timing analysis tools Custom reports can be created with the Timing Analyzer to: – – – – *Show detailed path descriptions for more timing paths *Analyze specific paths that may be unconstrained Analyze designs that contain no constraints Change the constraints or design parameters to perform “what-if” analysis Timing Closure with Timing Analyzer - 25 © 2003 Xilinx, Inc.

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