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An intensive replace of a winning textbook on ability acquisition for game scholars. Praised for its readability of writing variety and presentation the recent version might be a necessary purchase for these wanting a pragmatic, sport-focused creation to the speculation and alertness of human motor abilities.

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Can its appearance tell us anything special? BIG BRAINS AND BIG IDEAS? Comparative neuroanatomy does what the name implies. It compares the brains of different species for size and structure. This is important, because in order to know what is unique in the human brain, or any other, for that matter, one needs to know how the various brains are alike and how they differ. This used to be an easy job and didn’t take much in the way of equipment, maybe a good saw and a scale, which was about all that was available up until the middle of the nineteenth century.

How could it be that we don’t have more cortical areas? What about language and cogitation? And how about, well, writing concertos and painting the Sistine Chapel—and NASCAR, for goodness’ sake? If chimps have the same cortical areas that we do, why aren’t they doing the same things? Shouldn’t our language area at least be different? The answer may lie in how these areas are structured. They may be wired differently. As it turns out, while our search is getting more and more complicated, it is also getting more interesting.

6 As it turns out, proportional brain size increases predictably as body size decreases. 7 In fact, in the hominid (ape) line in general (from which humans have evolved), brain size has increased much faster than body size. 6 So we do have big brains. Is this what is unique and can explain our intellect? Remember Neanderthals? Homo neanderthalensis had a body mass comparable to that of Homo sapiens,9 but with a slightly larger cranial volume, measuring 1,520 cubic centimeters (cc) compared to the 1,340 cc typical of modern humans—so they too had a larger relative brain size than humans.

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