By Deborah W. Vaughan

This CD-ROM with accompanying handbook will introduce clinical, allied healthiness, and undergraduate scholars to the common sense of anatomical pondering and the microscopic constitution of the body's tissues. Its correlation of low strength with excessive energy perspectives, the standard of its photographs, and the benefit of utilizing the CD can be really appealing positive aspects. it's not an entire digital atlas with links of images to textual content yet particularly a assessment of morphology that vitamins the background lab the place scholars glance through a microscope at slides of tissue specimens.

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Histochemical and immunocytochemical techniques are necessary for demonstrating differences in the chemical nature of secretions. Morphological differences in the secretory cells can be used to distinguish between two broad classes of secretion: mucous and serous. Many glands associated with the respiratory, digestive, and urogenital system are classified according to these secretions. Mucous glands secrete mucinogen, which is a mixture of large glycosylated proteins that form a thick viscous protective lubricant upon hydration, termed mucin, that is a major component of mucus.

Most epithelia are classified according to two features: the shape of the cells and the number of cellular layers. Some epithelia in specific locations have special names, like the endothelium that lines blood vessels. Special epithelia, such as the germinal epithelium lining the seminiferous tubules and the neuroepithelium of the retina, are examined in Chapters 18 and 21 (the Male Reproductive System and the Eye, respectively). EPITHELIAL TISSUE 21 simple sqamous simple • simple squamous endothelium simple cuboidal mesothelium simple columnar r*e*anrir\eiroti-fi£»^ stratified squamous epithelial tissue • stratified - stratified cuboidal keratinized stratified squamous nonkeratinized stratified squamous stratified columnar transitional special leuroepithelium germinal epithelium SIMPLE EPITHELIA A simple epithelium is a sheet of cells that is only one cell thick.

These columnar epithelial cells are functionally and morphologically polarized. The side facing the lumen is referred to as the luminal or apical side, and the side facing the lamina propria is referred to as the basal or abluminal side (ab-, away from + lumen). PSEUDOSTRATIFIED EPITHELIUM. A pseudostratified epithelium lines the lumen of the extrapulmonary bronchus in this next tissue section. Principally this epithelium contains columnar ciliated cells with single mucus-secreting cells dispersed among them.

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