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Книга recognized Airplanes No. four: A6M2-N Rufe recognized Airplanes No. four: A6M2-N Rufe Книги Вооружение Автор: Krzysztof Janowicz Год издания: 2004 Формат: pdf Издат.:Kagero Страниц: 38 Размер: 19.04 ISBN: 8389088428 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Язык: польский/английскийThe publication provides improvement heritage and operational checklist of the A6M2-N Rufe, floatplane model of the winning A6M2 carrier-based torpedo bomber of worldwide warfare II. five color profiles. color 3-view. 30 b/w photographs.

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With the F-1, the Iraqis appeared to have acquired more than just an aircraft; they were also exposed to the Western attitude towards offensive air power. While the F-1 was not among the most modem aircraft, only the best Iraqi pilots were selected to fly it. @ As the Gulf War approached, the status of Iraq’s Air Force was very much like that of the rest of the Iraqi defense structure. The large number of aircraft and some of the pilot training showed potential for a formidable force. However, full potential was not realized because of old equipment, overall inadequate training, and unrealistic exercises.

War and proved 17 Figure 6 and A A A ~ SAM^ [DELETED] DOES NOT INCLUDE SA-7 SA-9 IDELETEDI SA-I 3 SA-14 AAA Sites Guns Mobile Guns TOTAL THREAT 53(S) Chart taken from CENTAF briefing to GWAPS Team, Shaw AFB, SC, 9 Mar 1992. The data reflect Coaltion information and do not correlate with totals in table 2. Iraqi Table 3 Combat Aircraft54 FightemAnterceptors MIG-29 Fulcrum MIG-25 Foxbat MIG-2I/F-7 Fishbed MIG-I 7/F-6 Fre~cOlFantan Subtotal [DELETED] [DELETED] Ground Attack SU-25 Frogfoot Mirage F-IE SU-24 Fencer MIG-23 Flogger SU-7/20/22 Fitter Subtotal Total Tactical Combat [DELETED] 728 As with other branches of the Iraqi armed forces, the Air Force consisted of a small number of relatively new aircraft and a larger quantity of older, less capable systems.

These short-range systems used infrared seekers and could be foiled by flare countermeasures. However, fired against an unaware target, they could be quite effective. The SA-9 and SA-13s were usually used in conjunction with the highly capable ZSU-23/4 AAA weapon system with its Gun Dish radar. The ZSU-23/4 was generally considered the most lethal threat to low-flying aircraft. ’ 4’(S/NF) MCM 3-1, vol / I , pp 5-33 to 5-37. 42(S/NF) Ibid,pp 5-134 to 5-137. S. Forces, p 3-75. M(S/NFAVN/NC)Ibid. ” W A Statistical ~ Compendium.

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