By Earl Browning

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I was in some parades. The one I remember most was the Louie-Louie Parade in Portland. What the parade amounts to is a car with a grand marshal, everybody else has kazoo players, and they are playing "Louie-Louie" on the kazoos. So I was the grand marshal. Have you ever listened to "Louie-Louie" played on the kazoo for four hours? I did that. I was not proud of it, but I did it. Being single at the time, I was also auctioned off at the Bachelors' Auction. You see, I was into exposure. You get exposure, you sell season tickets.

It works out very well for us. During the summer program, we like to get outside and work on flexibility. I like to run the dot drill. We do a lot of jumping rope to develop our flexibility. When it comes time for the two-a-days, our kids know where they should be as far as conditioning is concerned. I have been at St. Henry High School 12 years, and they know what we expect out of them. We get a lot out of our winter and summer conditioning programs. They are ready to play football come August.

The play went 80 yards for a touchdown. Eighty yards, and the fan called the play. 00 gift certificate. That was a good promotion. Do you know what the guy wanted? He wanted antifreeze. He could have had antifreeze for 10 years. From that, we went to having the fans call a whole series of plays. This was the first time fans really started caring about us, and we got nationwide publicity. We handed out cards in the stands. On one side of the cards was written run in red; on the other Page 6 side, in green, was written pass.

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