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Podcast « Tell Fredericksburg

Do Re Mi

True stories about music from our November 9th show.

Amanda Kuhn with Do You Hustle?

Seth Casana with The Life of a Folk Star

Briel Banks with Breakup Cruise

Tom Sellers with Don’t Be a Turkey

Jay Anderson with How To Cheat At Karaoke

Zach Santulli with The Perilous Journey of the Joe Deddo Five



Stories from our October 12 show about following, breaking, and enforcing rules.

Seth Casana with It’s Going to Be So Awesome

Jym Horak with No Rules in Wildwood, NJ

Bill Hatch with The Benevolent Ordeal

Judith Onesty with Handle With Care

Janelle Kennedy with The F Word

Jay Anderson with A Mere Suggestion

Lee Criscuolo with Kevin the Phone Repairman


Friend Request

Stories from our September 14 show about social media…

JoEllen Lesher: Aggressive Negotiations

Seth Casana with Enter the Partyzone

Zach Santulli with Darn You Interweb

Collette Caprera with Take the Leap

Jay Anderson with Catfish

Kat with Forgotten

Les Schaffer with Out the Window


The Sea Was Angry That Day

Maura Wilson Schneider with Totally Jelly

Jeff Green with Not That Hot

Skylar Sellers with Jaws

Jay Anderson with Magic Tent Elixer

LeAnne Van Doren with Trenchfoot

Tom Sellers with Put the Tape In

Michael Lewis with Reluctant Fish

Nate Dammeyer with Stars In Her Eyes

Kat with The Smell of the Sea

Kathleen Lewis with Shark Skis

JoEllen Lesher with Best Vomit Story Of All Time