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Podcast « Tell Fredericksburg

Mistakes: Maura & John

Stories from our July 9 show:

Maura Wilson Schneider with Sex Retreat

John with National Geographic: Central Park


Animal Farm Stories, Part II

Stories from our June show:

Maura Wilson Schneider with The Last Shall be First

Jay Frank with The Dog Whisperer

Shawn Young with On Eating Animals

Bill Harris with Rat King.


Animal Farm Stories, Part I

Stories from our June show:

John with The Cat Came Back

Ryan Lundbohm with This Little Piggy

Zach Santulli with Wing Man

Sharron with Vana Anguis

Mark with That’s Why I Fought the Monkey


Odd Man Out: Adam & Zach

From our May 14th show Odd Man Out

Adam Booth with What John Cage Wants.

Zach Santulli with SAVE ZACH SANTULLI.