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About « Tell Fredericksburg


What is Tell?

Tell is a storytelling event in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Each month we pick a theme and tellers bring their true life stories to the stage. While the word “storytelling” means number of different things, for Tell it means nonfiction narratives (stories with a beginning and an end and some action in between).

Why Tell?

Because it’s fun, because everyone’s got some fantastic story to tell, and because no matter who we are and what we do in the day to day, something crazy/special/beautiful/ridiculous/hilarious/heartbreaking happened to us at least once and we want to share.

Can I Tell?

Yes, please. Tell is a community based project – its success depends on brave people willing to share their personal stories. Please join us! Please read our brief list of Tips for Storytellers and Contact Us if you are interested in telling.