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Coming of Age « Tell Fredericksburg

Coming of Age

Stories about growing up from our November 10th show…

Dan Kost with Being Cosmo the dog

Bill Hatch with The Power of the island

Maura Wilson Schneider with Fragile

Tom Sellers with I should have ordered the burger

Seth Casana with Welcome to the family

Bob Wilson with While you were gone

Les Schaefer with Filling Potholes

Lee Criscola Got Milk?


One response to "Coming of Age"

  1. Les Schaffer November 30th, 2012 18:35 pm

    Always appreciate your posting these. I love rehearing favorite stories, always putting my contribution on a mobius loop and sending it out to the universe where it’s eternally playing. Must be getting delusional again, go to go check my meds. Thanks much for the great telling and listening opportunities.

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